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Shovelling Snow

Snow Removal

  • Residential and Commercial Snow & Ice Management

    • Residential Snow & Ice Management- Whether you're a Hudson Valley Native or happen to have a second home here, you will need your driveway cleared and sanded at times. Even if you do not use the property during the winter months, snow will need to be removed to allow service vehicles to access the property. Many times oil companies will refuse delivery if they do not have a clear path to the property, usually coming with a hefty fee attached for a return trip. 

    • Commercial Snow & Ice Management- Having a reliable property maintenance company handling your businesses snow removal is critical to keeping essential operations running during the winter months. We specialize in small to medium sized commercial business lots and apartment complexes. We offer flexible commercial rates and will build a contract to specifically suit the needs of your business. We are fully insured and only work with top tier equipment. Our operations are designed for efficiency to reduce time on the job site. If you do require equipment to be located on site with a dedicated operator, we can build this into your contract.

  • Roof Snow & Ice Shoveling

    • Snow and ice left unattended on rooftops can cause catastrophic cave ins resulting in damages, injuries, and even death. The last thing anyone wants to worry about during the dead of winter is a potential cave in on their home or business. We include roof shoveling in our package rates. ​

  • Sidewalk & Walkway Cleaning

    • Whether you need the sidewalk to your house shoveled and salted or the access ways into your business, we carry several kinds and salts and deicing solutions to make sure your property is taken care of. Conveniently, many of our package rates include this service at no additional cost. ​​

  • Monthly, Seasonal, and Per Push Invoicing with Local Weather Monitoring

    • We offer three different types of pricing packages to accommodate all of our customers needs. Whether you have a driveway that is 1,000 square feet, 10,000 square feet, or a parking lot that is 100,000+ square feet​ we will create a contract that works best for your needs. 

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